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We believe you deserve advanced levels of safety regardless of the price or size of the vehicle that meets your needs. Through technology and innovation, we are developing increased levels of protection for the driver and all passengers in Honda vehicles. At the same time, we are making an active commitment to enhance safety for the occupants of other vehicles and even pedestrians.

Honda has a long record of industry leadership in the development and application of advanced safety technology. Honda R&D safety research activities in Japan and the U.S. are playing a critical role in the further development of Honda safety technology and the evolution of Honda's "Safety for Everyone" concept.

"Safety for Everyone" is a comprehensive approach to vehicle safety that seeks to provide a high-level occupant protection for all Honda vehicles, regardless of size or price, along with increased compatibility with other vehicles and improved safety for pedestrians.

As a leader, Honda looks beyond government regulations, studying real world situations to develop new safety technologies.
For more information about Honda's safety technologies, visit http://world.honda.com/safety/